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Our Famous Scarf Fundraiser

Bring our expertise to your fundraising agenda, we have almost a decade of experience in school fundraising with Pashmina scarves.  At Plum Island Products, we take care to provide our customers high quality fundraising services personalized for their unique needs. We are available to take your order anytime. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.


Our Famous Cashmere feel/ Pashmina / Infinity Scarf Fundraiser


Here are a few reasons why you should choose Plum Island Products for your next fundraising initiative:


  1. We put you in business.


Don't pay us until you sell your first assortment of 100 scarves! In fact, whatever you don't sell, send it back to us and receive a refund for each unsold scarf. That's our guarantee.


  1. We believe in our product and have proven its effectiveness over years.


But don't take our word for it. Check out what our customers have to say!


  1. On average, our customers raise more money for their fundraising agenda than with traditional fundraising products.


We know how to sell, what to sell and who to sell it to. And we want to teach you! With us, you aren't just getting a product. You are getting the expertise of seasoned sales veterans.


Scarf Fundraiser Details


Selling the World’s Greatest Fund raiser with LIVE PRODUCT (Not Just Using Some Order Form), is really a lot of FUN!!!!


*All orders will come with OUR Plum Island Guarantee*.


No Money Upfront - Free Shipping – No Risk


* First order - During this period, you will be supplied on credit terms; pay “in full” when your second order is requested, or return product at the end of your fundraiser and pay only for what you have sold. All subsequent orders should be paid at the time of the request of the next order.


* All orders will be one box of 100 pieces, a random assortment split between Pashmina and Infinity Scarves. **Hundreds of styles and colors available keeping every assortment fresh and exciting** Throughout your fundraising event process, our history shows that the last few remaining styles in each 100 piece assortment can be mixed with the newer orders and will most likely sell. 


We will pay shipping costs for all products sent. We will charge you for the singular Fed Ex return of your end of event extras.


*Any damaged or unsellable items should be held and returned after the end of event.  Any damaged items, soiled/ pulled threads/etc, will be taken back along with any unsold extras.


*If you find you have asked us for too many, you can pay us for what was sold up until your (Primary Holiday) and continue with the excess goods until (Next Holiday) in an effort to reduce the amount of your returns.  On completion, we adjust your final invoice for your amount of returns plus arrange for a return shipping label.


Remember “The Feel Seals The Deal”.
Prime Time to sell - October thru January 




Ask for a FREE sample of a Pashmina or an Infinity scarf and information / or your first order to be shipped to you in comment section.


(STEP. 2) When you start your fundraiser, make sure you have looked at our tips for a successful fund raiser.


Please fax or email us a copy of your Sales Tax Exemption letter.


(STEP. 3)  When you ask for more product, be prepared to pay us for the goods you have already sold.


(STEP. 4)  At the end of your fundraiser, (usually after Xmas Day), contact us with your count on returns and we will arrange to have a Fed Ex return label emailed to you. You will get an adjusted invoice that will include the cost of the return shipment.




We look forward to working with YOU!














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