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Put our expertise to work for you. At Plum Island Products, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to communities across the country as a premier provider of fundraising services.




It is always a pleasure to work with you!

Mahopac HS, NY - Althea Daley, Director of Create the Change Club

"Our club has been proud to sell a beautiful, high quality product in our school. So many fundraisers offer something that is either transient or low quality. These scarves have REAL VALUE!"

San Rafael High School, CA - Shana Hoch

"The BEST fundraiser we have ever had!"

Maine South High School, Parkridge, IL - Dr. Rose Garlasco

"This was the best idea ever!! I sold the second order of 100 in less than a day!"

Tiverton High School, RI - Terry Roy

"Everyone I worked with was enthusiastic about this fundraiser, and supported it with excitement. They want us back next year. You responded very quickly to all my requests, and it helped us sell scarves. This is by far the best fundraiser the entire school has had in a very long time. It may be the best fundraiser ever!"

Prout High School, RI - Amanda McPheeters

Thank you for your patience and believing in the students,

Kathy Lupo


Hi William,

I have been very pleased with the scarves.

Ms. Rebecca Rotti

CCHS Science


Hi Will,

It's Mike Lavender in Marblehead, MA. Our fundraiser went very well. I actually got rid of a couple more scarves this week. It looks like we are now done, as we have tapped out our market.It was a pleasure doing business with you and I am assuming the kids will want to do it again next year.

Michael Lavender

Marblehead High School

Wellness Staff

Best Buddies Club Advisor


I love the Pashmina! I cannot wait to start selling them soon!

What is the next step?



These are incredible! SO glad you contacted us for this fundraiser!



It went very well. Love this fundraiser. I will count up what I have left. I am able to send back what we did not sell?



I got the box of scarves today! We will start selling in about 2 weeks. Thank you so much!

We can hold off on payment until they are all sold, right? I don't see that selling all of them will be an issue at all.

Thank you!



We can square up after Xmas.

Or you can sell them and ask for more, and then more again.

I only ask to be paid when you have sold the goods.




We sold all of the scarves!

I have a few bracelets left....not many. Probably will keep them.

So, it looks like we more than likely won't be sending anything back. We paid for the first 300 scarves so I believe we owe you for 150 scarves and 50 bracelets.



Hi Billy,

Happy New Year to you as well!

We did very well with the scarf sale. Of the 2 boxes we sold I only have 35 scarves remaining. I think I am going to hang on to the 35 and just attempt to sell at different events throughout the school year or save them for next year. Thanks again for all your help!

Crystal Bozigian

North Providence High School Swim


Hi and Happy New Year!

Thanks again for another successful scarf sale!!

Therese Chadbourne

Firestone High School

Family Consumer Science


Hi Billy!

As I was packing up the scarves I was ambushed by my best customers and sold a few more.

I think we're good. It seems the staff has bought as much as they possibly can! We're looking at less than 100 returned, which from our outtake of 1200 is awesome!




HI Bill-
We have 25 unsold scarves. We sold 425 which is much better than last year!

Please send the Fedex label.




Dear Billy,
Our fundraiser was fantastic.  I sold out my first box in under a week.  Our faculty bought most of the first box.  We set up a table at a few local events and everything sold out quickly.  We sold out two boxes with very little effort.  Thanks so mcuh.  I look forward to it next year.
Michael Lavender
Marblehead High School
Wellness Staff
Best Buddies Club Advisor


Thank you.  We have a few more selling opportunities planned and I would like a selection to present.  I love this fundraiser, it’s fairly easy and it is really working for my club.
Michelle S. Blazek
MAUHS Science Department - Biology & Anatomy
Dollars for Scholars Coordinator


Thank you for offering such a great fundraising product.  As one staff member told me today, the orchestra continues to have the best fundraisers of any group in the school.

Since there was such a demand, we would like to place an order of 150 more pashminas, plus the 75 infinity scarves you suggested.  I know there will be an even bigger response for the next sale!
Jane Minnis
Darien High School Orchestra
Darien, CT 06820







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